Shall mean it Indicates future events and plannings
 Examples are:- 
  • I shall meet you tomorrow
  • We shall attend the next class.
  • I shall return your money next month.
I) Shall not is used formally to say that particular thing is not allowed. (often in written rules, laws, etc.)
  1. Candidates shall not bring cell phones.
  2. Students shall not leave before the closing bell.
  3. Students shall not allow without hall tickets.

II) To offer something:-

  1. Shall I drop you at the railway station.
  2. Shall I pay The bill.
  3. Shall I come with you.
  4. Shall I reserve a ticket for you.
  5. Shall I buy some fruits for you.

III) Suggestions:-

  1. Shall we go to a movie tomorrow?
  2. Shall we start preparation?
  3. Shall we have coffee?
  4. Shall we start running?

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