A word which is placed before a noun or pronoun to bring relation with another noun
       or pronoun is called preposition.
    1) A Cow is resting under the tree.  
              Example: - Cow = Noun, Under = Preposition,
              Tree = Noun   
              2) The books is on the table.
             Example: - Books = Noun, On = Preposition
             Table = Noun

Mostly use prepositions are:

        Across, Along, Among, At, Above, Below, Between, Behind, Beside, Besides, By, During, In, On, Of, Over, Into, onto, Up, Upon, To, Towards, Through, With, Since etc.


            If join two words with phrase, clause and sentence is called conjunction.

1) He worked hard and got success.
            Example:- And = Conjunction
2) She worked hard but failed.
             Example:- But = Conjunction
3) Raju and rani went to a movie.
             Example:- And = Conjunction
4) He may be either in the library or in the staff.
             Example:- Either, in the library = conjunction,  or in the staff = phrase
5) If you help me now I will help you in future.
            Example:- If = Conjunction


 It expresses a sudden and strong feeling of surprises or shock.

Vow! What a beautiful flower.
Bravo! Well done.
Alas! India has lost the match.
Ouch! It pains.
Oops! I spoil the decoration.


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