It means to seek Permission with polity way and with discipline manner:-
Examples are:- 
  • May I come in Sir?
  • May I know your name?
  • May I help you?

I) To grant permission:- 

  1. You may leave now.
  2. You may sit in the managers cabin.
  3. You may use this phone.
  4. You may use Internet for personal purpose.

II) To express present and future possibility:-

  1. The lecturer may be in the library.
  2. They may be on the way.
  3. It may rain tonight.
  4. He may return form his home town tomorrow.
  5. I may come late today.
  6. I may not come tomorrow.
  7. I may not eat in that party.
  8. She may ask you some money.
  9. He may help you.

III) Used in interrogative sentence to express wish, bless, very formal sentence.

  •  May I bless you my son.

I) To Express future possibility:-

  • The train might arrive late tomorrow.



  • May and might are same but may can us as Present and future possibility.
  • Might only for future possibility.


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