Can (Capability)

It means to Express present ability.

  1.   I can do it.
  2.   I can help you.
  3.   She can do her work on her own.
  4.   He can speak in English.
  5.   They can play cricket.
  6.   We can do anything for money.
  7.   Can you see.
  8.   Can pavan start a new party.
  9.    I can't bear this pain.
  10.    She can't do this work.
  11.    He can't pass the exams.
  12.   They can't achieve the target.

Can for Questions:-

  1. Can you speak in English?
  2. Can  you drink water?
  3. Can pavan kalyan start a new party ?

 II) Can we use for request:- (Informal language).

Can we use for request in Informal language we use this language in our friends, family, and close persons  of us we use this word can.
1)    Can you help me?
2)    Can you drop me at the college?
3)    Can you lend me Rs.1000?
4)    Can you explain us?
5)    Can you do me a favor? 

 III) Seek Permission

1)    Can I give him a mobile?
2)    Can I speak now?
3)    Can I go now?
4)    Can we sit here?
5)    Can we see the album?
6)    Can she leave the class early?

IV) Give Permission:-

  1. 1)    You can go now.
  2. 2)    They can sit here.
  3. 3)    He can join the batch.


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