It adds to the meaning of a verb or an adjective and another adverb is called Adverb. 
It tells us how, when, where, and how often an action is done.
Adverb of Manner:- It tells how an action it done or it answer.

1) Dhoni hit the ball hard
    Examples: - Hit = Verb, Hard = Adverb

2) The boy ran after the bus fast
    Examples: - Ran = Verb, Fast = Adverb

3) She solved her problems easily
    Examples: - Solved = Verb, Easily = Adverb

4) They narrowly escaped from an accident
    Examples: - Narrowly = Adverb, Escaped = Verb, Accident = Verb

5) She cooks well
    Examples: - Cooks = Verb, well = Adverb

Adverb of Time:-

            It tells as about the time of an action it answers to the question when the action is done.
a) I returned from village yesterday.                    Adverb = Yesterday
b) We will come tomorrow.                                Adverb = Tomorrow
c) My friend came late.                                       Adverb = late

Adverb of Place: -

 It tells us about the place of action
1) She came out/in/here/there

Adverb of Frequency:-

It tells us how often an action is doneExample:-1) I drink tea twice a day2) She goes to her home town once a month

Adverb modifies an Adjective:-

1) India is a very ancient country 
   Adverb = Very, Adjective = Ancient

2) He is a very rich man
   Adverb = Very, Adjective = Rich

3) The answer was quite easy
    Adverb = Quite, Adjective = easy

Adverb modifies an another Adverb

1) She ran very fast
    Adverb = Very, Fast

2) He always comes late

    Adverb = Always, late

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