It qualifies a noun.
It tells more about a noun.

1) It is a Wonderful Movie.                    
  Adjective = Wonderful, Noun = Movie

2) She is a hugly Girl.                           
Adjective = hugly,  Noun = Girl

3) We ate a delicious Biryanai.                          
Adjective = delicious, Noun = Biryanani

1) Adjectives of Quality: -  

1) The Rice was spicy.                         
Question = How is Rice?

2) Ramu is tall.                                        
Question = How is Ramu?

3) An Old Man is waiting for you             
Question = who is waiting for me?

4) I have lost my new pen?                   
Question = what you Lost?

2) Adjectives of Quantity: -

They give answer to Questions How much?

1) There are few pens in the disk.               
Question = How many pens in the disk?

2) He has little knowledge about internet        
Question = Does he has knowledge about internet?

Few examples: -  Enough, Sufficient, Half, etc. 

3) Adjectives of Numbers:- Adjective Qualifies the Numbers

1) I have two tickets
2) She missed three classes
3) I won Second Prize


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